Thursday, December 15, 2011

After the project

This Final Project was a real challenge to get through.  Unlike the midterm, where I worked in a group of four, I was working with only one partner (although I do believe he did a great job in this project).

In this project, we discussed a possible re-design for the Campus Clipper mobile application.  Campus Clipper is a company that provides students with the best deals and discounts for living in New York.  This is done through a series of coupon books distributed through campuses, as well as a blog, a website, social media pages, and, of course, the app.

The app hasn't been updated in two years, so we decided to work a bit on a redesign.  It was pretty difficult, since neither of us had any experience in App Design.  Apparently, there are several usability rules that have to be followed (in fact, it is the previous developers' disregard for these rules that contributed to the lower rate of success of the app).  I think I did a relatively good job designing what I did, but there were a few small things that should have been done with more insight.

One huge problem with completing this project was availability.  Neither my partner or myself have Microsoft Office on our Macs, and even though OpenOffice works just as well, my partner didn't have it.  Therefore, for collaboration, I often had to send it to him through Google Docs and have him send it straight back to me.

Still, no experience is an experience that you're better without.  I feel like both my successes and my shortcomings in this project will help me in the long run with whatever endeavors I may choose to pursue.  In short, this project was a success.

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